Day 1 of the 10 Day Juice and Detox Cleanse

Adapted from the Get Juicy Day 1

Your first day comes with the opportunity to fully commit to the gift you have decided to give to yourself. You have already made the decision that the Get Juicy Cleanse is what you need right now to help you to lose weight, gain energy, to cleanse more deeply, reset your body and life, have more mental clarity, break free of unhelpful food attachments or any other number of reasons. Now is your opportunity to commit 100% to making these driving motivators your reality. In just ten days time these things will be true for you. Your commitment today is what will get you there.

The first day of a cleanse or creating any new habits is always the most challenging. You might find yourself doing the “Will I or won’t I?” dance, where you question your decision to do the cleanse and come up with every possible excuse to not do it.

Excuses can often sound like:

I’m too busy today
Tomorrow is a better day to start.
I don’t have everything I need on hand

I am tired and can’t be bothered making juice.
I have a social event to attend
Next month will be better for me
Will it really make that much of a difference?

I’ve not succeeded at a cleanse before, so why would I this time?

All of these thoughts and any others you come up with are simply limiting beliefs and excuses that you are choosing to allow direct your body and life experience. You have the power right NOW to make a different decision – the decision to commit fully to day 1 of the Get Juicy Cleanse because it is the best and most supportive decision for you right now. In fact, you’ve already made it so now it’s time to just see it through.

We know you can do it, in fact will do it, and we are cheering you on every step of the way.

If you haven’t tried a green juice before, don’t let the idea put you off! You will be very pleasantly surprised at just how delicious the green juice recipes we have provided are, and even more thrilled at how they make you feel. Expect to feel light, clean and energized! 

Here’s to you for committing to your bountiful health!

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