Illuminating the Castle – Using Feng Shui for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

written by Tracy Hawes, LSC, CNC, CLMT

Mind Body Green’s Katie Rodgers recently posted a list of 5 Feng Shui mistakes frequently made in the application of this ancient art to our living spaces. This got me thinking how this might apply to our bountiful vibrant bodies. In pondering this question for myself I came up with my own of common blockages that keep us back from being the most vibrant and illuminated we can be.

In healing your space with Feng Shui, it sometimes is as simple as moving a mirror or changing a color. As we apply this to our physical beings it may not be so easy. Certainly however, it is so essential to have our lives in “correct placement” in order to live the most magnificent and fulfilled lives possible. What a perfect reason to enlist the help of a Life Soul Coach into your life for a little illumination and guidance in clearing the pathway to your Vibrant being.

Feng Shui is an ancient art form from China and an amazing tool on the path to living your greatest potential. It can help with any area of your life.

1. Front entrance – How do you open the door to welcome in the world?

By this I mean your essence. Are you emitting joyful vibrant energy? Or are you sending a message of “Don’t come near me”? By doing some inner reflection and consciously working on some of those past issues that keep sneaking up and blocking our front entrance, we can change how open we ourselves to receiving not only our own hearts, the hearts of the “other”. The entrance in Feng Shui, is the “mouth of chi,”. It’s your presence to the world. Just as you may keep a clutter free front entrance in your home your want to have a clutter free entrance to your being as it attracts or deflects good things into your life.

2. Underneath – What’s lurching in the basement of your heart?

I like to think of the heart as one of the most important “rooms” in the body – something like your bedroom is in Feng Shui. A contented and validated heart will allow you to shine and illuminate outward. A whole heart-centered being creates happy chi (energy) and can circulate to the entire body. Heal your heart and illuminate. What we store in or under our core can and will start to show up as excess weight, depression, stuckness, immobility, anger and a myriad of other emotions. Our story or experience wants to be seen and ultimately released and like a small child needing attention, will keep tugging at your hem (life) … or heart stringuntil it is received and healed. That life experience is yours and nothing will change or take it away. However, by looking at it and hearing what it has to tell you, you can give it the attention it needs and use it as an ally in moving you forward and toward the life you are meant to be living. Vibrant, bold, beautiful … and healed.

3. Arrangement and Actions- Are you facing in or are you facing OUT!

“Asked what I came into this world to do, I replied. “To live out loud”. E. Zola

How we position our bodies and minds in and to the world or simply our experience will determine our “command” of life. I see this as the spirit connection. Meditation, community, focus, movement, dance, prayer … These are only a few of the ways we can position ourselves to be open and clear in our intentions. By being clear in intention and direction, we allow the opportunity to keep our bodies open to flow and receiving. We can see, hear and assimilate better when we am not cluttered with everything on the inside. In this way we are able to be more fully present to our true north direction in life. And in being more fully present we am able to receive more. Vitality!

4. Mirrors – Reflections from the outside.

Mirrors can be very beneficial, and they can also be harmful. It is said we attract what we need and what we attract is a reflection of what lesson we have to learn. I believe this is so true. Especially when we are provoked and angered by what we are looking at. The interesting piece here is that what pushes our buttons in an other, very likely doesn’t phase someone else. I believe that is because this is our uncleared stuff. It is the golden gift of looking deeper at ourselves through the eyes of an other. They are truly our gift. If they are sharp and pointy, try to understand how to smooth it out for yourself. Or better yet, how to put up the boundary you need to protect yourself.

“Keep in mind that fragmented or warped mirrors may give you a “fragmented” or “warped” sense of self, and while antique mirrors are in vogue, sometimes they can be a problem because you’re not seeing yourself clearly’.

This was is how the use of mirrors was described in the MBG article by Katie Rodgers. I love it when I think of how I receive information. There is often an opportunity for discernment. What another believes, reflects and illuminates to me can in fact be a gift. However, it is a mixture of their own story and experience that they are sharing. It is up to our skillful perception and clarity (#3) to discern the amount of information that is true and that which is warped, distorted or fragmented.
We use mirrors all the time. Now is the invitation to reflect deeply on the mirrors and what the information is providing.

5. Clutter – Let it go and set yourself free!

If your mind and body spirit are dirty and cluttered, you’re letting negative chi collect. As Katie Rodgers states in MBG, “If your house is cluttered and you have a lot of stuff that you don’t love or use, you’re creating very real blocks for yourself. Let it go!”

This is where I take the entirety of my life into consideration. My house, work, words, heart, community and relationships; Things and people. Applies this to the clothes you don’t wear, broken items, projects that you never get to, the foods you are feeding yourself, your relationships (all of them) and baggage your holding onto emotionally. When you release that which holds you back by filling your life with clutter, you are sending a message to the universe that you want something better. Trust the universe and open yourself to the absolute potential you are meant to have, be and exude.

Here’s to your bountiful and magnificent self.

For help in the illumination process, contact Tracy Hawes LSC, CNC, CMT at Committed to illuminating individuals into their most amazing selves, one person at a time.

Illuminating the path

Illuminating the path

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