The Benefits of Juicing

Benefits of Juicing

Improved Digestion 

With the fiber removed in the juice extraction process, vital juices retain the digestive enzymes that would have gone to digesting and breaking down the tough plant fiber. These enzymes get to work on breaking down old food debris in your digestive tract.

The nutrients in the juices regenerate the glands and organs associated with digestion so digestive excretions are more vital, muscular action is stronger and your ability to absorb nutrients is more efficient.

Improving digestion is an integral part of the positive affect and improvement in the lives and health of those that consume vital juices. Improving digestion improves body health. Less undigested food in your digestive tract means more energy and a lighter state of being.

Juicing Offers Vital Nutrition

 Raw vegetable juicing offers your body a myriad of essential vitamins and minerals in their most natural and potent state. Nutrients, trace elements and live enzymes are available through vital juicing that you can’t get in any other form other than fresh plant food. Vital juices require little digestion. With so little digestion required, the body absorbs and assimilates the juice’s supply of potent live nutrients, quickly and effortlessly.

Juicing Transforms Your Existing Diet to an Extremely Healthy and Vital Diet

 Very few of us are eating the diet we need to in order to achieve optimal health. With the introduction of raw fruit and vegetable juicing to your daily diet, even an admittedly poor diet becomes extremely healthy and life-giving. Improving your state of health is possible without making drastic changes to your diet. Through vital foods juicing, you are giving your body the vitality, nutrients and digestive enzymes that you should be ingesting and would be ingesting on a vital plant food diet.

Juicing Reforms Eating Habits 

Because of improved health due to replenished reserves of vitality and nutrition, you will find that through juicing, your eating choices improve naturally. As your health improves through juicing, you will gradually choose to eat in a way that keeps you feeling vital and physical well. Foods that weaken your energy and sense of well being slowly lose their appeal once you have been awakened to the experience of feeling healthy and energetic.

As your overall health improves and energizes, so does your awareness of what makes you feel healthy and what does not. Awakened body intelligence directs and guides the body towards obtaining optimal health.

Juicing Reduces Food Cravings

 The two main reasons why we crave unhealthy foods are malnutrition and undigested food matter in the digestive tract.

By drinking vital juices, you are feeding your body the nutrients and plant vitality that it craves. Nourishing your organs and cells with vital nutrition lessen the constant body yearning for food without adding more food to your digestive system.

When your cells and organs become malnourished from eating devitalized and non nutritional foods, your body constantly sends signals to your digestive system, causing an overproduction of digestive juices. If your digestive system is congested with old hard-to-digest food debris, the digestive juices become attuned to not what your body needs but what is sitting in your digestive system.

Digestive action creates a taste and inclination to eat, not what your body needs, but what’s sitting in your digestive system. Lingering food is more than likely the residue of refined and processed foods — white flour, white sugar and hydrogenated fats (natural vital food does not linger in your digestive tract). Hence, you crave white flour, white sugar and hydrogenated fats because this is what your digestive juices are focused on digesting.

Juicing lessens cravings by addressing and correcting malnutrition, as well as aiding the body’s digestion of old food debris.

Earthly Bodies need Earthly Elements 

The health of our bodies is dependent upon ingestion of the same elements that make up human cells. Human cells die and new ones are born every moment within the human body. Our cells and organs are made up of primary elements found in the produce of the earth, primarily, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, sodium, iron, sulphur, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other named and unnamed elements. Ingesting enough raw material to rebuild and rejuvenate existing cells and give birth to new cells is the primary function of the human body and should be the primary focus when feeding our bodies. Juicing vital raw fruit and vegetables offers the body the elements it needs to regenerate and heal itself.

Body Purification 

Life can be denoted by the amount of electrical energy present in matter. Dead cells, waste, toxins and chemicals in your body have all been but neutralized by the body’s defenses. Having little magnetism or electrical charge (that is no life and no intelligence) these lifeless entities called free radicals, are attracted to live atomic energy. If there is little atomic energy in the bloodstream to carry them away and out of the body, free radicals accumulate in the body attaching themselves to live healthy cells. Free radicals attaching themselves to live cells is what causes degenerative disease, ineffective organ function and premature aging.

Vital foods add live atomic energy into the bloodstream and aids the body’s ability to carry away, distribute and eliminate dead cells, toxins and poisons out of the body. Drinking vital juices aids your body’s ability to purify itself of impurities and free radicals.

Juicing Enhances Body Intelligence 

Our brain and nervous system is a network of organized electrical and magnetic energy. Eating foods with live energy means an increase in electrical and magnetic energy within the body, increasing and enhancing the receptivity of the brain and nervous system. Improved receptivity improves the body’s ability to communicate its needs to the brain and other parts of the body. This communication between mind and body is called body intelligence.

Getting in touch with our body intelligence is a big part of the MIRACLE of raw vegetable juicing. Your health not only improves because of the influx of potent unrefined nutrients and trace elements and an influx of vital life energy – but because of an awakened body intelligence that will positively influence your appetite and eating choices.

Juicing Improves Your State of Health 

Ingesting vital raw plant foods improves health more than any other supplement, powder, drug, therapy or health program. Consuming vital plant food in the form of vital juices improves your state of health without abstinence or self-denial. It requires only a decision to consume vital juices. Or not! Your road to good health is entirely up to you. Adding vital juices to your diet will make dramatic differences to your health. How quickly you lose weight and feel healthier is relative to how much vital juice and/or vital food (ideally both) you add to your diet.

Your body knows how fast or slow to travel on the road to optimal health. Keeping a vision in your mind of being in optimal health and being at your optimal weight is instrumental to the journey. How fast you get to the finish line is determined by how strong a picture you have of your body in optimal health and conditioning. Keeping a vision of optimal health will awaken your body’s desire to consume vital foods and their juices. Consuming vital juices will awaken your body’s desire to be healthy.

Losing Weight

 A healthy body does not easily gain weight. A healthy body will urge you to exercise and eat lighter because storing food is a drain on the organs and metabolism. Adding juices to your diet will improve your heatlh and help you lose weight in many ways:

a) Your Appetite Improves. A healthy body means a healthier mind/body connection which means your appetite will be more responsive to your body’s needs.

b) Improved Digestion. The vitamins and vitality of the juices energizes and rejuvenates the myriad of digestive organs and glands that contribute to food digestion. Everything works better. Better digestion means less stored food.

c) Increased Metabolism. Feeling healthier means feeling more active. Your metabolism increases and you move more which means you burn more calories.

d) Juicing Corrects Body Malnutrition. Body malnutrition is responsible for most food cravings. Juicing minimizes cravings by providing your cells and organs with the nutrients that they crave. Juicers experience more eating satisfaction with less food intake.

To Your Bountiful Health